Vincent Yuan

Vincent Yuan

A data scientist who also enjoys photography, music and playing tennis.

Build a Regulation Assistant Powered by Llama 2 and Streamlit with Google Colab GPUs

A web chatbot powered by Llama 2, RAG, built from scratch with Google GPUs.

Unveiling the Deal: What Happens When Companies Merge

Company merger 101

Build a Chatbot with Streamlit and Llama 2 with Google Colab GPUs from Scratch

Build a web-based chatbot with Llama 2 and Streamlit from scratch.

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Job Aid of Running Streamlit App on Google Colab

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How to Prompt Correctly with Llama 2?

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Build a Fraud Intelligence Analyst Powered by Llama 2 on Google Colab with GPUs

Let Llama 2 help credit card fraud detection!

Run Llama 2 with Retrieval Augmented Generation on Google Colab with GPUs

Run Llama 2 with RAG in Google Colab.

Say Hello to 2024

Reflecting on 2023 and looking ahead to 2024.

Highlights of the Trip to the East Coast of the United States

A completely different experience of the life in the East Coast of the United States.