Introduction to the 2020 12.9-inch iPad Pro - A Promising Future

Introduction to the 2020 12.9-inch iPad Pro - A Promising Future
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In March 2020, Apple quietly released the new iPad Pro on its official website, which excited many fans who had been waiting for a long time because it had been a year and a half since the last iPad Pro update. Interestingly, this also marked the tenth year of the iPad product line.

The new model offers more features, increased storage capacity starting at 128GB, and all models come with 6GB of RAM as standard. The biggest highlight in terms of hardware is undoubtedly the introduction of the LiDAR laser sensor, which is integrated into an Apple product line for the first time, providing a strong hardware foundation for the future of AR applications. What is even more anticipated is the debut of iPadOS 13.4, which provides system-level support for mouse and trackpad for the first time. All of these hints at Apple's vision, suggesting that in the future, the iPad might indeed become the next "computer" for many people.

Before ordering the new iPad Pro, I owned a classic iPad Air 2, which had 2GB of RAM and the most powerful mobile chip at the time. It has been performing smoothly in most tasks with iPadOS up until today. However, compared to the new iPad Pro, its smaller screen and relatively weaker performance seem to distance it from the productivity discussions that have been ongoing. Since I often use my iPad for reading documents, writing emails, and taking notes, upgrading this time seemed like a sincere decision for someone who has been using an old device for many years. Therefore, when I saw the release of the new product, I didn't hesitate to place an order.

2020 12.9 inch iPad Pro - space grey

1 hardware experience

In the days of waiting for the receipt, I watched many accessories and peripherals that can be used with iPad Pro. The keyboard mouse bought it before the iPad was released. Choose Logitech's MX Keys and M720. For detailed experience, please refer to the link:

The remaining peripherals include:

  • Bellkin USB-C hub (model F4U092)
  • Anker 60W dual Type-C PD fast charging head
  • Microsoft Xbox wireless handle
  • ESR protective shell and the containing tempered film
  • Apple Pencil 2

After all the peripherals arrived, the iPad arrived, and the company couldn't wait to remove the packaging. The design of the full screen was very stunning. It was too shocking for a person who was used to the silly black and thick border.

iPad Pro packaging box
12.9 -inch iPad Pro front
12.9 -inch iPad Pro back

The only difference between the 11 -inch and 12.9 -inch version is only the screen size. I went to the Apple Store to experience it before buying. I personally feel that the 12.9 -inch version is more friendly for users with text input requirements.The content of the screen display can be seen clearly.The capacity selection is 128GB because I will timely transfer multimedia files to the external hard disk, and I also subscribe to the iCloud space. If everyone feels troublesome, you can also put a large capacity.

Sudden programmer stickers

From the perspective of parameters, the quality of this screen is basically the same as that of the 2018 iPad Pro, which is still the best display on the mobile device.For non -PRO -level iPad, the most obvious difference is the silky experience brought by the Promotion technology. Whether it is a finger or a Pencil_ mouse_ touchpad, you can give you significantly better than other iPad experiences.The iPad Pro equipped with four speakers has great advantages in entertainment experiences such as watching movies and playing games.

iPad Pro screen technology, picture source: Apple official website

In daily use, Faceid brings a lot of convenience. When unlocking machines, purchasing applications, selecting key series passwords, etc., you can hardly feel its existence, because it is too fast, ** and almost use it almost normallyVarious angles can quickly unlock **, which is much more convenient than Touchid.If you use the external keyboard and mouse/touchpad at the same time, the experience of experience brought by Faceid will be more obvious, because your hand does not need to frequently touch the screen to complete the verification, everything is done inadvertently, I look forward to this very much, I am looking forward to this very much. I look forward to this very much. I look forward to this very much.One technology is applied to MAC as soon as possible!

2020 iPad Pro rear camera module
Apple Measure Application

At present, the most intuitive improvement brought by LIDAR in AR applications is the improvement of accuracy and recognition speed. I use the Measure application of the Measure application of the MEASURE application to measure the size of the object. The response is very rapid.The measurement data can be displayed on the screen.In the IKEA Place AR application of IKEA, after selecting the furniture, the software can quickly measure the space data of the room and then render the display. The performance is very stunning.This new hardware can undoubtedly bring more possibilities to the iPad in the future.

In terms of taking pictures, the quality of iPad's camera is not as good as the iPhone, and I won't go into details here. After all, few people take a half -pound large board to take pictures outside.Essence

The battery life continues the outstanding performance of the iPad. It is no problem for normal study and work, but it is recommended that you buy a PD fast charging head to speed up the charging speed.** Names ** Output power is about 30W.Full electricity starts. It may still be 40-50%of the electricity left in the morning to noon in the morning. Put the power supply and charge before cooking and eating at noon. The basic electricity is full after eating, and it will not be delayed.

Overall, ** hardware parameters have not significantly improved compared to the 2018 Pro, but compared to other iPads that are not equipped with Faceid, if there is an upgrade demand, 2020 iPad Pro will never disappoint you.

2 Software Experience

In recent years, I have more and more like to watch WWDC. On the one hand, because of the iOS, iPadOS and MacOS released in recent years, they have really brought the functions and characteristics of many users who want to see, such as the dark mode on iOS and iPadOS., Support for mouse/touchpad, dark mode on MacOS, sidecar and other functions.On the other hand, the latest operating systems bought by the equipment I bought in previous years also rarely stuck, but they can also experience the most advanced functions as the latest equipment.The compatriots are extremely friendly :)

Although it's a joke, I have to say that for iPad, the launch of iPados has more potential, and iPadOS 13.4 makes these more realistic.The biggest highlight of iPadOS 13.4 is undoubtedly system -level support for the mouse and touch version.Used on the official website
[Many space] (
Let's introduce this latest feature:

iPad supports touchpad

All in all, ** touchpads are better than the mouse experience. Because many touchpad gesture mouse cannot be easily realized, this principle is the same as using touchpads and mouse on MAC.

iPados allows the function of custom mouse buttons

At present, the functional location of the custom third -party mouse is somewhat secret. You need to find "touch control" in the auxiliary function. After clicking, you can have a custom setting function at the bottom. You can define the function of the button under the sub -menu:

iPados allows personalized settings for the mouse buttons

It is not all the keys on the mouse that supports customs, but personally I think it is not easy to do this in the first version. After customizing it according to your own habits, it has a good experience.Great progress, because your hand no longer needs to leave the keyboard/mouse to touch the touch screen.

This is actually a huge change, because the operation method of ** is very similar to using traditional computers.At the same time, Apple has designed a adaptive form for the cursor. When it is suspended on different content, the cursor can make corresponding changes.Praise.However, please note that many softwares have not yet adapted the cursor, and it will be slightly discounted in the experience of third -party software.

iPados cursor hovering on the text, automatically change the form

Why is the introduction of cursor is a big thing for iPad?Because many tasks need to be accurate control, this feeling is like when iPad supports Apple Pencil for the first time, because ** it increases the dimension and accuracy of interaction.It's more convenient than using your fingers.

Taking the cursor as an example, I often use OneNote to record the content of the work on iPad. When you use your fingers to choose and move in many texts, everyone feels the same.Already working.But with the cursor, the efficiency of the mouse click+keyboard operation is almost the same as the desktop operating system.After counting it, the following tasks have been more accustomed to ** on the iPad:

Work & Learning:

  • Reply to the email (read attachments and reference materials, write content, insert attachment)
  • Open a network meeting (do speaking, draw schematic diagrams on the whiteboard, and record the meeting of the meeting)
  • Modify the manuscript that is done on the desktop (Office documents can be simply edited on the iPad. Note: The 12.9 -inch iPad cannot enjoy the Office kit for free.
  • Peer Code Review & modify code (depending on your working environment and infrastructure)
  • Temporary records of ideas or writing drafts
  • Read professional books and literature, read teaching videos


  • Watching movies (screens and microphones are better than many Macs)
  • Photos, editing videos, drawing
  • write an essay
  • Lightweight game (Note: At present, the game of iPad supports the handle is limited)
  • Reading (Note: 12.9 -inch models can practice Kirin arm for a long time)

The above tasks can be carried out at the same time in many cases, and I usually open several applications at the same time.Under normal circumstances, the contents of the 12.9 -inch models are still easy to see clearly on the left and right screens. If the size of the font is not appropriate, you can drag the control bar in the middle to adjust the window size.Occasionally, a suspension window (as shown below) will be temporarily added. After processing, you only need to move the cursor to the right side of the screen to hide the suspension window.** The multi -tasking processing experience brought by large screen+high performance is very good. The application switching is very smooth. At the same time, 6G storage can ensure that most of the applications can be retained in the background.

Left and Right Screen + Suspension screen

3 Peripheral

3.1 Apple Pencil

For a person who writes code, he uses it more to record notes and write drafts.For the rest of the scene, this pen is not as useful, not a necessary accessories.However, I usually like photography and also have a certain basis for sketching, so I bought the Apple Pencil auxiliary operation, such as using a pen to repair, sketch, or make some labels.Bar.

Sketch Pro hand -painted work
AFFINITY Photo trimming
Apple Pencil subjective evaluation

3.2 Xbox One handle

I was a handle I bought in the Apple Store. The corporate discount was 10 % off, which was about the same price as the Internet.The handle in the Apple Store is only black. I experience some games in the store. The handle has a low delay and a good feel.

Xbox One Handle

I play less games, mainly because I want to relax when the work pressure is very strong.I asked the clerk in the store. At present, there are not many games that support the handle in the App Store. I downloaded some games by myself and found that the games that support the handle are relatively limited.EssenceThe game I am playing currently includes:

  • Alto odyssey
  • Wild drag racing 9
  • NBA 2k20

If you want to play the game with the iPad, the current software adaptation may disappoint you.

4 Summary

As a data science practitioner, roughly estimate that, except for the concentrated time to write code, about 80%of the remaining work can be efficiently completed with iPadOS iPad (screenshot display, please forgive me)The cursor.In fact, you can see that the above tasks have contained many types of work tasks. If developers can develop more professional software on iPados, it is estimated that many people will further improve the productivity of iPad.

Ten years ago, Mr. Steve Jobs put the iPad between the iPhone and Mac. In the past ten years, because of the restrictions on the operating system, the iPad is actually closer to the iPhone, but today, ten years later,  this has been changed thanks to the iPadOS and it is closer to Mac than ever. It is certain that iPadOS is enough to make people the future of the iPad.Full of expectations.

iPad Pro + iPados ~ = Productivity