Tech, data science, programming and of course, AI.

Support Conversational History in RAG Pipelines with Llama 3

Add memory to LLMs in RAG!

Build a Regulation Assistant Powered by Llama 2 and Streamlit with Google Colab GPUs

A web chatbot powered by Llama 2, RAG, built from scratch with Google GPUs.

Build a Chatbot with Streamlit and Llama 2 with Google Colab GPUs from Scratch

Build a web-based chatbot with Llama 2 and Streamlit from scratch.

Question Answering on Multiple Files with Llama 2 and RAG on Google Colab

Multiple files RAG with Llama 2.

Job Aid of Running Streamlit App on Google Colab

Build web applications with Streamlit on Google Colab.

How to Prompt Correctly with Llama 2?

Some learnings with prompting to Llama 2.

Build a Fraud Intelligence Analyst Powered by Llama 2 on Google Colab with GPUs

Let Llama 2 help credit card fraud detection!

Run Llama 2 with Retrieval Augmented Generation on Google Colab with GPUs

Run Llama 2 with RAG in Google Colab.

Build a Web-based GPT Chatbot with Custom Knowledge

Intelligent web chatbot powered by GPT, which knows your own data.

Build a macOS App Powered by Llama 2 in Three Steps

Swift-transformers help make it happen.